PAINTED is a free hand painted texture pack of 50+ PNGs for graphic designer. this texture pack is mafe by scanning real painted texture art. Download Painted ink texture from Undyed creative studio today.

Full licence: use it for personal and professional purpose.  Resell is not allowed.



PAINTED free hand painted texture is a sample textures pack for graphic designer including 3 free ink texture.

Therefore, FULL PACK pack contains 50+ paint, ink, acrylic and watercolor textures. More importantly, this pack will bring organic content to a digital world like Photoshop.

Also ,this free ink texture pack is available and included in the bundle BLACK BACKGROUND currently on sale.

In conclusion, we hope you will enjoy this photoshop texture and do not forget to share your work with us so we can spread it to the world  through social media


  • 3 free hand painted textures PNG.
  • BONUS Products Graphic design.

How To Use:

First, simply open the free ink texture pack, add it to photoshop. Then, play with different blend mode. Finally, enjoy and be creative!


Adobe Photoshop 2020 and above.

Download Size:

160+ Mo.

Created by:

Undyed Creative Studio is a company developing graphic design assets for creative people. We are specialized in creating organic photoshop texture. Therefore we aim to bring real organic content to a digital world. What we aim for is to help graphic designer to enhance and speed their work. We also like to provide free stuff, like free ink texture. 

Date of upload:

PAINTED free hand painted texture, 14/03/2021.  


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